French Rolling Pins
French Rolling Pins
Cherry French Rolling Pin
Cherry French Rolling Pin
Maple French Rolling Pin
Maple French Rolling PIn
Walnut French Rolling Pin
Walnut French Rolling Pin
White Oak French Rolling PIn
White Oak French Rolling Pin

French Rolling Pin

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  • Made in Laurel, Mississippi
  • French tapered rolling pin
  • Available in maple, cherry, walnut, and white oak
  • Food safe
  • 20" x 2"

"When Josh and I got married, I didn't have a rolling pin. I didn't know that I needed one until I tried to make cookies. I went to the store to buy one, and they all were a long tube with a hole in the middle where the handles fit. It was kind of gross, because what if the cookie dough gets in there? You can't get it out. So I told Josh I really want a rolling pin that's just one piece, and he looked around at different antique stores and he finally found the one that I still use today. I know if I take good care of it, it'll be around until my kids need it one day." — Emily Nowell

Be sure to bake something sweet and care for it well with these care instructions.

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