Multiple Brands

One Family


After the whirlwind success of the first season of HGTV’s Home Town, Ben & Erin Napier along with their 4 best friends set out to do the impossible - bring their small town back to life.

That seed, that hope of a dream, started coming to life not only through the television show, but strategic businesses that serve people from all over the world and right here in our own backyard. 

The Laurel Mercantile, Scotsman General Store, Food Truck Park, Snowball Stand, Scotsman Manufacturing, and Scent Library are all different brands under one family.

Even though each business is different, the common threads of American made and community shine all the way through. 

Laurel Mercantile Co.

In early 2016 this group of young entrepreneurs cracked open the doors of this dilapidated old building for the first time in decades. With a plan to open a new and improved Laurel Mercantile by Laurel’s famous “Pancake Day” at the first of December, the team got to work transforming this forgotten space into a beautiful and friendly place to shop, showcasing thoughtful and high quality products made in America. 

The Laurel Mercantile is the flagship store of this unique family of brands offering shoppers everything from kitchen utensils to t-shirts, headbands, and home decor. The shop and lawn are now iconic as thousands of shoppers have snapped and shared pictures beside Old Blue.

Scotsman General Store

Two years later, the group decided to open the second retail location and re-home Ben’s Woodshop. Designed to feel like an old general store from your hometown, stepping into the Scotsman General Store feels like stepping back in time. With hundreds of glass bottled sodas, unique candy that you can’t find anywhere else, and shelves of pantry goods, treats, and snacks, you can’t help but smile at the simplicity and nostalgia. 

Through the large window in the back, you get to see straight into Ben’s woodshop where he creates his one-of-a-kind designs.

Scent Library

The Scent Library is a special dream come true for Erin. Ask anyone who knows Erin and they will tell you that she has a special nose, a true gift for scents and sentimentality. Each scent is tied to a memory, and each memory has a story. The scent library is dedicated to sharing those stories with the world and providing a place for our guest to make their own scent memories.

When Erin first had the idea of creating candles from her own personal memories, she had no idea that there would one day be a whole 2,400 square foot building filled with her treasured memories.

Scotsman Manufacturing

The two things that we are the most passion about about are selling American Made products and creating job opportunities for our small town. A small town can be saved and revitalized with manufacturing. And that’s proven to be the case for Scotsman Manufacturing. 

Ben Napier and his team have been woodworking for a long time, and Home Town viewers have seen his skill on full display through each renovation. Combining his knowledge and expertise with mass production and hard-working people has been a joyful experience, and we're proud of it.

While manufacturing is machine-led, it's the skilled hands and minds of the team that engineer the process to perfection. That's how the Scotsman Manufacturing team has created the highest-quality cutting boards and butcher blocks in America.

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