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Who we are

Here at Scotsman Company, we believe in American manufacturing and making things in small towns. Specifically, our hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. We make hardworking products made by hardworking people.

About Us

In 2016, we saw a vital moment in Laurel's history unfolding in real-time, a window of opportunity that could finally bring our town back to life. A show called Home Town began airing, and there was a spark of hope that Laurel would one day be the place to be. The possibilities of bustling sidewalks, renovated storefronts, and a new life for our hometown became a reality. It was nothing short of a miracle.

Laurel's history is filled with self-made entrepreneurs and industry leaders who dared to dream wildly. The boom of the pine industry, the Lindsey Wagon Co., Masonite, and many other industries derived from people with grit and determination. They knew how to make something valuable and brought others along to help. In the end, their daringness created communities and livelihoods. That's why we created Scotsman Manufacturing, a plant that employs American makers and makes high-quality butcher blocks in Laurel, Mississippi.

As a group of six best friends, we saw that opportunity and took a leap of faith. Using our unique gifts and talents, we decided to start our company, Laurel Mercantile Co., in 2016. We promised to put Laurel first, provide opportunities for our community, and most importantly, support American makers. We learned through experience that revitalizing your community is not an overnight sensation. It's a journey that often feels fruitless, but the first step in the right direction is meeting the needs of your neighbor. Our community needed more jobs— to grow, bring the younger generations back, and nurture the struggling workforce. While there were many things we didn't know, we knew this would be an adventure (and a worthwhile one at that.)

Since then, we've opened Scotsman General Store and Woodshop, the Food Truck Park, Scotsman Snowball Stand and the Scent Library. Our deep appreciation for the nostalgic, small-town experience has proven valuable to many. We also discovered that people value American-made products deeply, and they're willing to invest their hard-earned dollars in quality products if it benefits real people. Our American-made mission resonates with the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people across the country, and that's how we knew that we had to create something new. While manufacturing is machine-led, it's the skilled hands and minds of the team that engineer the process to perfection. That's how the Scotsman Manufacturing team has created the highest-quality cutting boards and butcher blocks in America. 

These wood products are made to last a lifetime because every product is hand-developed and doused in pure craftsmanship and preciseness. The quality standard is high because the responsibility of providing good-paying jobs is even higher. The Scotsman Manufacturing team takes their jobs seriously because the future of our community depends on it. Like the Loblolly Pine industry, Masonite, and the Lindsey Wagon Co., we hope that the Scotsman Manufacturing team will leave its mark on Laurel for good and provide life to a community for generations to come. 

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